Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Celebrate Regenerate

On 13 July, a new book to mark Doctor Who's fiftieth anniversary year will be released. Featuring fan-written pieces for every single story to date (including one or two by this writer), Celebrate Regenerate aims to explore the entire televised history of Doctor Who from the perspective of those who watch it. Editor Lewis Christian has sent in this press release to explain more:

In order to aid the celebrations of Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary this year, quite an epic-sized group of fans have come together from all over the world to build Celebrate Regenerate, a fan-made (non-profit and unofficial) book, filled with reviews and articles covering every televised story.

At over 300 A4 pages, this doorstop of a book is packed with pieces from over 250 fan writers, and we’ve even included some fan art too. To top it all, we’ve also bagged a few exclusive interviews with Series One director Joe Ahearne, writer Tom MacRae, and writer Joseph Lidster which will be published alongside some other special features in the book.

The project, now a year in the making, is set to be released on 13 July this year, well in time for the anniversary. We aim to simply add to the growing list of contributions from other fans and writers, and our goal is now to reach out to as many fans as possible to share our finished project.

(Up until 8 July, we’re offering everybody the chance to have their name listed in the book as a ‘Companion’ too, to make up for them not knowing about this and not being able to submit.)

On launch day (13 July), people will be able to order a physical copy from (through our own website – linked here), and an instant [free] PDF version will also be available for download.

Source: Lewis Christian

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