Sunday, 23 February 2014

BMW launches 'Ultimate Driver' competition on cinime mobile app

cinime is a new app which allows iPhone and Android users to interact with adverts before the film in a cinema. The app, which uses 'audio signatures' to recognise which advert is being played, allows the user to participate in quizzes and enter competitions.

This sounds like a very innovative platform, with a lot of potential. But right now, a particularly exciting competition is under way, in a collaboration between cinime and BMW - offering you the chance to become BMW's Ultimate Driver, test driving all new BMW models launched in 2014!

Here are the official details...

Download cinime, the new cinema companion mobile app that helps you get more from your cinema visits, and you could steer your way to become BMW’s Ultimate Driver. BMW is offering you the chance to pick the perfect line in an interactive big screen challenge. Have cinime ready on your mobile phone during the ads next time you visit an ODEON, Cineworld or Vue cinema to complete a virtual lap in a new BMW 2 Series CoupĂ©. The fastest to choose the best driving line, breaking or acceleration points using the app will be invited to battle it out on a 2 Series track day. One person will be named BMW’s Ultimate Driver, winning the chance to test drive all new BMW models launched in 2014. And all participants will get a video of their own performance on the big screen lap, just for taking part. There are loads of other reasons to download cinime, with plenty of rewards and treats on offer including content, vouchers and prizes which can be won and unlocked every time you visit participating cinemas.
Download the cinime app from Google Play and iTunes now. 
You can also use cinime to play along with the big screen in our film quiz before the movie for a chance to scoop free cinema treats for your next visit. Or get bonus content and more from new films by scanning posters in the cinema foyer. 
Whenever you see the cinime logo, grab your phone and start looking out for rewards. Offers are available before and after the movie, so always keep your eyes open for cinime as there will be lots of benefits for downloading. 
Once you’ve found your seat, switch your phone to silent and leave your cinime app open. It’ll respond and interact with the screen while you sit back and enjoy the ads, delivering content, offers and discounts directly to your phone. 
The interactive cinime section ends when the movie starts, so please switch off and put your phone away when the film begins, then sit back and enjoy the cinema experience. Cinime is currently testing in selected ODEON, Cineworld and Vue cinemas. Offers are subject to availability and Terms & Conditions apply. 
The BMW Ultimate Driver challenge is open to cinime users aged 25 years and over holding a current driving licence for at least 12 months.
The BMW Ultimate Driver competition closes on 10 March 2014.

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  1. Wow!! really, it is a amazing news to all BMW user because they like BMW discover i am a BMW lover so i am very pleased to know that the BMW launches 'Ultimate Driver' competition on cinime mobile app which is really effective to all BMW user.